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This page provides links to some 'out-of-the-way' software packages. The majority of the software listed on this page is free. The online software is based on Internet scripting technologies and requires you be online to use them. You may also wish to visit the links page for a list of some commercially available software. If you know of a good piece of software that you feel should be listed here, contact the webmaster.


Psychrometrics - On-line Psychrometric and Thermodynamic properties of moist air
Cooling Coil - On-line psychrometrics of a cooling coil.
UAC Cost - On-line Unitary Air Conditioner energy and cost savings esitmator
Compliance - On-line versions of REScheck and COMcheck code compliance tools
Sheetmetal - Free metal weight estimator

Economic Analysis

Life Cycle - NIST software for analysis of capital investments in buildings.
Energy Plus - Building energy simulation for heating, cooling, lighting, ventilating and other energy flows
Energy Decision - A software tool to identify energy improvements
FRESA - Federal Renewable Energy Screening Assistant to evaluate renewable energy opportunities and energy system options
Lighting - Federal Lighting Energy Expert (FLEX) for evaluation of lighting retrofit projects
Watergy - A spreadsheet model using water/energy relationship assumptions to analyze the potential of water savings and associated energy savings
BEES - Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability. Aids in selection of cost-effective, environmentally-preferable building products

Fire Simulation

Fire Research - This is a list of fire modeling programs from the NIST Fire Research Center


REScheck - Residential compliance with the MEC, IECC, and several state codes
COMcheck - Commercial and high-rise residential energy code compliance

Whole Building Design Guide

WBDG homepage
Software page and other tools

DOE Software Directory

Directory - A subject directory of software tools to help researchers, designers, architects, engineers, builders, code officials, and others involved in the building life-cycle to evaluate and rank potential energy-efficiency technologies and renewable energy strategies in new or existing buildings.

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