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Instructions for Cooling Coil Process Model

Caution   CAUTION!

The on-line program you are about to enter should be considered an alpha release. Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy. However, occasional bugs may decide to visit. If you experience or recognize any type of error, please contact Russ Marcks with the details of that error. Include the error message as well as the data values used to generate the error.

This program has minimal error trapping capability at this time. It is currently possible to enter inappropriate values resulting in negative latent coil loads, negative condensate production or inappropriate values of psychrometric properties. If you receive any of these conditions, chances are one or more of your input values are inappropriate.


There are no known bugs at this time.

Future Enhancements   FUTURE ENHANCEMENTS!

The current program will only calculate process loads given entering and leaving conditions. I fully intend to provide the option to calculate leaving conditions given entering conditions and loads as well as entering conditions given leaving conditions and loads.

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